MCAD is a great organization to build a career. Explore our wide variety of career paths in serving the citizens of Montgomery County. On the job training and continued education for licensure, give each employee the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, in a team oriented environment.

Excellent Rewards & Benefits

Please complete an Employment Application for each position you are interested in, and then submit the application to .

Appraisal Support Exemptions Clerk  
Appraiser Experienced- Residential Sales Analyst

Director of Business Communications JD

The Business Communications Director will ensure all prudent, urgent, and critical information is shared in a timely manner and communicate with the public in a transparent and effective manner. The director will spear head operations as directed by the Chief Appraiser, on all non-critical matters/projects and urgent issues in the absence of the Chief Appraiser. More Info

Litigation Manager

Supervise Litigation/Arbitration Analyst Department in providing coordination of lawsuits / arbitrations between legal counsel, arbitrators, district staff and property owners. Provide communication to district on lawsuits / arbitrations status with timely reporting of all aspects of protests beyond the Appraisal Review Board. More Info

Commercial Clerk

Assisting the manager and entire department with the performance of administrative/clerical duties. More Info

Residential Exemptions Supervisor

Supervision of Exemptions department, including assigning regular duties to staff, training, monitoring performance, and maintaining overall workflow in the department. More Info

Appraiser, Commercial

Responsible for data collection of any commercial improvements not previously recorded in the Appraisal District’s files.
• Ensure that the existing data on file is current and accurate.
• Assist in the collection and verification of commercial sales data.
• Report daily production to the Commercial Supervisor or Division Director.
• Prepare data and represent the Appraisal District in informal and formal hearings presented to the ARB.
• Assist with property owners and agents concerning the valuation of commercial property.
• Organize data collected in such a manner as to facilitate computer input, provide evidence, and lend credibility to the Department.
• Translate for customers, and informal and formal hearings if bi-lingual
• Other duties as assigned. More Info

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