Appraised Value Notices

The first round of Appraisal Value Notices were sent out Friday, March 17th

On April 14th MCAD will mail out the second round of appraisal value notices. 

This will account for over 90% of the 2023 Valuation Notices for Montgomery County property owners. Our hearings are scheduled to begin April 17th, 2023. If you disagree with the valuation, please file an Online Protest by May 15th

Should I have received a notice?

Texas Property Tax Code Sec 25.19(a) states:

By April 1 or as soon thereafter as practicable if the property is a single-family residence that qualifies for an exemption under Sec. 11.13, or by May 1 or as soon thereafter as practicable in connection with any other property, the chief appraiser shall deliver a clear and understandable written notice to a property owner of the appraised value of the property owner’s property if:

  1. The appraised value of the property is at least $1000 greater than it was in the preceding year;
  2. The appraised value of the property is greater that the value rendered by the property owner;
  3. The property was not on the appraisal roll in the preceding year; or
  4. An exemption or partial exemption approved for the property for the preceding year was canceled or reduced for the current year.
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