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Re-investment Zones and 381 Agreement Unit Codes

In cooperation with local taxing units, the Montgomery Central Appraisal District has established certain unit codes for tracking purposes only.  These codes appear on the Notice of Appraised Values.  These codes are as follows:

Reinvestment Zones

  • RZ3A      CCO Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #3 (City Ex)
  • RZ3        CCO Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #3 (City Ex)
  • RCH        City of Houston Reinvestment Zone 10
  • RZ4A      City of Oak Ridge North Reinvestment Zone #1 (City Ex)
  • RZ4        City of Oak Ridge North Reinvestment Zone #1 (Co Ex)
  • RW1A    City of Willis Reinvestment Zone 1 (City Ex)
  • RW1      City of Willis Reinvestment Zone 1  (Co Ex)

381 Agreement

  • ZAMD   (381 AGRMT) Audubon Magnolia Development District
  • ZCD1      (381 AGRMT) Conroe MUNICIPLE MGMT DIST 1
  • ZTR         (381 AGRMT) TOWNSEND ROAD
  • ZVRT      (381 AGRMT) Valley Ranch Town Center Mgmt Dist


Both Reinvestment Zones and 381 Agreements are development areas established by local taxing units.  The properties that fall within the boundaries of these agreements or zones are coded as such by the Montgomery Central Appraisal District.  There is no tax rate associated with these codes and are for tracking purposes only.


2019 Community Housing Development Organization Property Capitalization Rate
Pursuant to Sec. 11.1825(r) of the Texas Property Tax Code, The Montgomery County Appraisal District gives public notice of the capitalization rate to be used for the 2019 Tax Year to value properties receiving exemptions under this section. Rent restricted properties vary widely. These variations can have an effect on the valuation of the property. A basic capitalization rate of 10.0% will be used to value these properties; although adjustments may be made on the individual property characteristics and the information provided to the chief appraiser as required under Sections 11.182(d) and (g) of the Property Tax Code.
Why Over 65 Exemption not indicated on properties via the website
Notice: House Bill 394 H.B. 394 amends the Tax Code to include information that indicates the age of a property owner, including information indicating that a property owner is 65 years of age or older, among the information in property tax appraisal records that is prohibited from being posted on the Internet. The bill requires the chief appraiser for each appraisal district to ensure that any information indicating the age of a property owner that is posted on a website controlled by the appraisal district is removed from the website not later than the bill's effective date. EFFECTIVE DATE - September 1, 2015.







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